Jan 1, 2021


Whether you married, whether you divorced, moved to another city, adopted a dog, adopted a baby, had children of your own, never had a child, parted company with a childhood friend, bought a house, sold a house, lost everything, found it all over again, really loved someone, took that pill that made it all go away and then took it again, had a drink and had another, lied so many times you no longer know the truth, said things you knew you shouldn’t have said, kissed someone that wasn’t yours to kiss and then wanted so much more than that kiss, brushed against someone in the grocery store that you never knew and will never know but fantasized about them that very night, lost a parent – a sibling – a partner and were left with a space that will never be filled, hid in someone’s arms and melted away, left someone standing with their heart in their hands…

Some things stand out. The love you have for those who surround and love you. The career you have chosen and the passion you have for everything outside of those work hours – the art, the literature, the cooking, the tasting, the wet kisses, the hug, the hold, the wasted time that you thought was endless that always ends, the things you still want to do, the places you still want to go, the news of a friend being sick, the thought of that being you, the smell of a new car, the renovations finally done, the hands you hold, the chances you take, the moments you breathe, the seconds you panic, the hours that go on forever, the hours you wish would last, the person you miss and what you would say to them if they returned for just 3 ½ minutes.


Every chance that passed you by, every spark of magic that ignited your senses, every second, every moment you would live differently or the same, every thought you’ve kept to yourself, every choice you’ve made even when there was no choice at all.

This thing, this life you live, this and that, here and there, how it travels, how it flows is through the love you have for others not the love you have for yourself.

It’s the last thought you have before falling asleep and the first thought you have when you awake.

It’s the face of someone who has passed from this life that you see every time you close your eyes and it's the understanding that as your eyes open; you will never see them again.

Life is short.
Life is long
Life is sweet
And then it’s gone.


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