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In the Mist of our Love

In the dark Is the mist Is the fog Of our love It comes and goes But is always in the shadows And  the pockets of  our regrets Your tongue strikes The sweetest lightning Along my skin Lifting me higher Into the foggy mist Where I breathe into you And you breathe into me Your lips are my lips Warm and willing Your top lip  Your bottom lip Equally as important My tongue awakens  Your mouth Your senses Every inch of you Colliding  With every inch of me As your hands stray Across and along my body I taste your taste With each love detour You have mapped With your tongue And when I slide  Down to you In circular motions Of all that was then Of all that is now All of you Meets All of me Down - Down There is a cry  for my lips for my mouth Your hands rhythmically caressing My head in a waltz  That leads t