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A Long Way from Me to You

It's a long way from me to you Use to be so many ways  From me to you Now there's just one way There's just you There's just me And that's really no way From me to you There's this long country road I'm driving down with the window open I smell the air and I feel the wind against my face There's that crossroad you see in all the movies And you hear about in all the songs And as I stop the car, get out and look around I see the road I can continue heading down The other roads I can take To the left To the right To somewhere To nowhere I wait there in the hot sun with the wires buzzing and moths flying through the air I look over my shoulder I listen for any hint of the sound of your voice A sound I would know anywhere I stand there alone I stay until sundown Every hope, every wish, every dream of you suddenly appearing and telling me you love me and you miss me and you want