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People You Will Meet in Your Life

·           Someone who makes you feel like 2 cents. ·           Someone who makes you feel like a million dollars. ·           A friend who never grew up. ·           A friend who never had the chance to be a kid. ·           Someone more successful than you. ·           Someone in need of a hand up not a hand out. ·           A co-worker who makes your life impossible. ·           A co-worker who enriches your life. ·           A mentor. ·           Someone for you to mentor. ·           A teacher who changes the course of your life. ·           A lover you are addicted to and can never have. ·           Someone who will hurt you because they have been hurt. ·           Someone who teaches you how to love yourself by loving you first. ·           An offensive, unpleasant, aggressive individual who upsets you to your very core. ·           A warm, engaging soul who nurtures you in every way and makes you whole. ·           Friend