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What it Means to be There for Someone

To stick your neck out and take the first hit To stop focusing on yourself and instead focus on them To lift them up off the ground by first spending some time on the ground beside them To open your home, your heart and never make them feel needy To listen and not speak To be non-judgemental To realize it is a very thin line between their fall and you falling To endure some discomfort and inconvenience so they endure less To understand  that being there for someone you love IS LOVE To make a decision to stick by them and stick to that decision To understand that although you may want to save them They may not want to be saved To give them everything you have to give  Even if they don't take it To wake up every morning Wondering will this be the day? They let me in And to keep on trying Even when you are at your wit's end Because you know That is what it means To be there for someone