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A Face a Mother Never Forgets

I had the distinct pleasure of going to the hospital for some routine blood tests -  post check-up. I wasn't paying attention and got off the elevator on the wrong floor and wandered into Neurology. No one there looked happy. I got back in the elevator and this time got off at the right floor and I have to say, no one there looked happy either. Everyone is walking around lost. They're on the wrong floor in the wrong department and since it's impossible to get the attention of any staff, they are asking other lost people where to go. It's a sad, pathetic situation. I arrived at the test centre where I located more stranded people without any hope of rescue in sight. I started to read my magazine and then looked up several times to see what number the screen was showing (even though I could easily figure out there were at least 20 people before me) and then I gave up my seat to an elderly woman. Seeing someone elderly and frail wait alone in a hospital for any