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Float don't Walk

Sometimes when I go for a walk I feel as if I am floating above everyone else. I can see their faces passing me by. I can hear their thoughts and feel their feelings. And as I defy gravity and freeze time, I wonder what weighs heaviest on their minds. What is the source of their pain? If we could all hear one another's thoughts just for a moment on a given day, how much noise would that make? Would we be surprised by the thoughts in the minds of the people we love? What if we all had the chance to bring back one person who had passed? Who would you bring back and if you only had 60 seconds with them, what would you say? What would you do? Do you ever catch yourself in yourself? You are out buying groceries or waiting in line at the bank and you "land" in the purest, clearest form and are able to tap into how you are feeling right there and then. Try floating some time. It's trickier than walking. You have to allow yourself to be suspended in the air - something that y

We are ALL AMAZING and this is OUR Amazing Race

First let me start by congratulating YOU along with myself. Not only do WE run our own "Amazing Race" on a daily basis but we have won many times over. We've all gotten lost and argued with our partners in the car, we have all missed flights, made flights, missed connections and eaten bugs (intentionally or otherwise). We all juggle a zillion different tasks in a single day and when we finally get home and are ready to have a good meal, a glass of wine and a sound sleep; it's completely  unfair that Phil isn't waiting in our bedroom with a million bucks in hand and a free trip to Spain. I'll tell you what's harder than The Amazing Race - OUR AMAZING RACE. How AMAZING is it that we take care of our children, spouses, parents, spouses parent's (there should be a jet ski thrown in for that one), house, career, dog, cat, Goldfish (constantly needs replacing), health and wellness (make that another glass of red wine and some dark chocolate)