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Tom Cruise - check out my Risky Business

How to make more money? I've got it. It's genius. Actually the idea came directly from Tom Cruise's first starring role in a major film that film being "Risky Business". Here is a synopsis for those of you who missed it. Tom is a teen growing up in an affluent Illinois suburb. His parents go out of town and leave him alone for the first time. They also leave him with cash, a Porsche and a very expensive antique egg thing. Tom's friend convinces him to call a prostitute with whom he can lose his virginity. He does (call her and lose his virginity) and then all hell breaks loose and he ends up needing money and lots of it fast so he can return his home, his father's car and his mother's egg back to its original state. So him and his girlfriend (paid prostitute)open up a bordello in his parents house inviting all the local male teens to pay for sex and they do (pay for sex and have it). While all of this is taking place, an academic advisor or interviewer