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George Clooney, Me & My Parents at the Cavendish Mall

Circa 1990... So George Clooney calls me. He's coming to town (as in Montreal) and he's heard about this fantastic mystical place called The Cavendish Mall. He asks if I can pick him up at the airport and take him there. So I step out into the fine season of winter that embraces Montreal in all its wrath and builds character in our tribe, and I get into my car wondering what I am going to say to George when he walks through those sliding doors at the airport.  Then I think about all the times I walked through those doors returning home from various travels and always having someone waiting for me on the other side - often with a kiss, a hug and sometimes even flowers.  And then I thought of all the times I stood waiting for a loved one to arrive and of all the sad faces on the people who came through those doors having no one waiting for them on the other side. Yeah so I get into my truck and it stalls and then it stalls again and George is on his way in. I can't b

Montreal Memories Club Med Extravaganza

Hands up - Baby - Hands Up! Barry Zbar, Lisa Audrey Cohen and Gena Ray (of Group Ideal Travel)proudly announce the Very First MONTREAL MEMORIES CLUB MED EXTRAVAGANZA . THINK...All - Inclusive (yep booze too), tropical Cancun on a private peninsula, lots of Ocean, the Montreal Memories Folks (you), laughing, dancing, eating (while talking about eating because hey we are Montrealers) all together in one special place for one special time. Who is BARRY ZBAR ? Founder and Fearless Leader of Montreal Memories. Who is Ideal Travel ? Montreal based - 30+ years - Quebec's Largest Independent Travel Management Company. Who is Gena Ray ? The official Montreal Memories Travel Professional. Who is Lisa Audrey Cohen ? Writer in Residence - Montreal Memories - 20+ years in Adventure Travel. THE RESORT ROCKS! All - Inclusive (meals, booze, welcome cocktail just for MM, airport shuttle, membership, all sports and boating, etc.) Located and built on a Private Peninsula Fully renovated air condition