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Relationships That Stand The Test of Time

When my husband and I met we were both younger, in better shape, somewhat more attractive and a lot less tired. We took the leap, the chance that all couples take and headed off into the horizon never looking back, always looking forward. That was 17 years ago and let me tell you, we had no idea what we were doing or what was coming our way. The thing is that none of us know what the future holds. Partners face all sorts of changes and challenges. One gets fat, one gets thin, one gets sicker, one gets healthier, one gets richer, one gets poorer and so on. So what is the glue that affixes us to one another no matter how many negative forces try to pull us apart? Here is what I can tell you. When I have something I need to talk about, he listens. When I have been sick, he has been there to support me, hold me and motivate me to scrap it out. We do little things together like he cooks brunch on sleepy Sunday mornings while I read to him from the UK edition of Men's Esquire.

A Baby is Born - For Camden

A baby is born More spectacular Than the moon Than the stars Tiny fingers that somehow fidget Tiny toes that somehow wiggle A smile A tooth A giggle A word A step A bit of Mom A bit of Dad A blueprint of change Watching him drift into a sleepy dream Far Better than any play, concert or show Grandparents transformed from Parents A magnificent full circle Souls join and free fall through the air They tango, they sway and they dip The gift of life The gift of health Freezes us in the now Forces us to rethink everything It's not all that matters It's just that nothing matters more Welcome to the world Camden. Your journey has just begun.