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The Art of Being a Father

Fathers are distant yet near. The good ones do what they have to do before doing what they want to do. They pick you up and hold you high. They watch over you quietly from the sidelines. They try to avoid distractions and temptation. They try to be better than their fathers Whether they were bad or good My Dad - #26 And although they may not express it all that well or all that often... Their love for you is constant It follows you Wherever you go Wherever you are Close your eyes Return to your earliest memory You are taking your first steps And even though he is on the other side of the room He is ready to run and catch you If you fall somewhere in the middle Where everything happens Sometimes you make it into his arms Other times he reaches out and grabs you Breaking your fall This plays on again and again As life throws you up and down And as your father remains there Ready to catch you Even when he has gone Happy