Sep 14, 2020





 We all have events in our lives that imprint upon our memories. Some are happy, some are sad. We all have regrets of what was and what could have been. At some point, hopefully, we all experience and surrender to love; whether it is a lifetime commitment or a night of passion.

Our memories are sparked by the scent of cooking, music, returning to the place we grew up and seeing someone from our childhood, on the street, at the market, suddenly slipping back into our lives, leaving an impression.

While some of us walk a straight line, the job, the career, the partner, the kids, the house, others take detours. They travel the world, have various partners, never marry or have kids and move from one place to the next.

Often, we think the grass is greener on the other side, and perhaps in some ways, it is, but these paths we take, these choices we make, they bring us to people and places, where we settle in, build a foundation and a life that becomes our story.

As we remember all of the paths we have taken, we are able to place notes on a piece of paper, here and there, now and then, and from that we can write a memoir that others relate to, and that allows us to reflect upon all that has shaped and formed our lives, our beings.

For over 20 years, I have been ghostwriting/editing and creating photography portfolios for my clients, who want to share their life story. Some are in their twilight years, others are in the prime of their lives, careers, and all of them possess a slice of brilliance; whether they are entrepreneurs, surgeons, teachers, etc. They are from all walks of life and various backgrounds. 

Their life experiences are fascinating and through an intense interviewing process, I am able to sculpt and shape those memories into a story that becomes their published book.

In addition to doing all of the writing and/or collaborating, I BRAND my clients. I build a platform by creating their website, blog, social media channels and all of this is done strategically. I launch their book and guide them through the publishing/distribution stage.

My client’s books are distributed to online and brick and mortar retailers, across the globe covering a multitude of marketplaces.

I have created and written award winning blogs, Amazon Bestsellers and have booked radio shows, podcasts, Zoom speaker/presentations and other forms of publicity.

I photograph and manage the portfolios for their social media as well as their book covers.

I spend months working with clients, getting to know them through in-depth interviews, thus gaining an understanding of their stories. I approach this process with compassion, empathy and I learn so much along the way.

I walk beside my client through the entire memoir, development journey. It’s a beautiful thing, when it all comes to fruition and they are holding their book in their hands, knowing their story has been told.

It all starts with a conversation, establishing a rapport and conceptualizing a manuscript. Then we move on from there, step by step, word by word, to a place neither of us have been.

What’s your story?


                                              SAVE A DOG AND A DOG WILL SAVE YOU

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